Like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, below you will find the links to our favorite things.  These are sites we love and people we follow because it sounds awkward to say we stalk them.  Check them out and tell them The Atoms of Love sent you!

Interested in purchasing really interesting geeky sex toys? Do you want to combine your interest in all things geeky/nerdy and your interest in sex? (We do….)

For sex toys of all kinds from all genres, visit Geeky Sex Toys and enter promo code “bythebi”, or simply visit Geeky Sex Toys/By the Bi

Links We Love - Our Secret Spot

Want to go where we want to go?  Located in the heart of the city, Darlinghurst, OSS is our favorite Swingers Club in Sydney.  Check out their website for a schedule of all of their special theme nights like newbie nights, masquerade party, sexy in his shirt, glow party and much more!  They too are on the Twitterverse @oursecretspot

Links We Love - Max Black

Want to shop where we want to shop?  You have heard us rant and rave about how awesome they are!  Check out their website and treat yourself to something delightfully dirty.  Or go take a look at their shop in Newtown and talk to the fantastic folks their so they can help you pick out something that you and your partner will love!  Follow them in the Twitterverse @maxblacksydney

Links We Love - Silver Shadow

Want to feel sexy like we want to feel sexy?  Silver Shadow studio is behind all of our sexiest shots.  Go spend a day with the extremely professional team in Sydney and come home with some art that will prove that you are the sexy fucking beast that you are!  Find them here.


Want to meet other sexy people and couples to have fun with? Check out Kasidie and enter “TheAtomsOfLove” in the “referred by” section. You will then get a FREE 90-day membership!


Links We Love - SwingingDownunderWant to listen to what we want to listen to?  They are the reason we are here; so if you like us, you will love them.  Follow C & D on their journey into the lifestyle of hotwifing, swinging, and their hunt for the elusive unicorn.  Their podcast is an honest glimpse at the experience of two newbies on the search for a “Yoda Couple” only to discover that they themselves have BECOME the “Yoda Couple”!  (I know, how meta!)

Find these two sexy folks here or follow them in the Twitterverse @swingdownunder