July 19, 2019        Pendulum Party at Our Secret Spot, Sydney

Pendulum Party is about creating a safe space for both men and women who like to swing both ways to come and play. So if you self-identify as bisexual, bi-curious, hetero-flexible, homo-accepting, homo-flexible, hetero-accepting, or whatever. 🙂 Pendulum expects to see a variety of play scenarios ranging from MM to MMF to FF to FFM to MFM to FMF and other mixed play is waiting for you!  The experience is very laid back with the option of glory holes and both open and private rooms available for play.  The perfect pressure-free meeting place and, as always, a safe, fun, and erotic time for ALL guests regardless of how you self-identify!



August 16, 2019     Club V at Our Secret Spot, Sydney

Tickets can be purchased here: Club V Tickets

Club V is a safe space for women to play and explore their sexual desires with other women. So whatever your sexual attraction, gender orientation, or gender expression, this party is for you. OSS is a consent focused, non-judgmental, welcoming space for women of all body shapes, sizes, ages, and experiences.



November 2 – 9, 2019 — Desire Riviera Maya, Cancun Mexico

Life on the Swingset Takeover, https://swingsetdesire.com/